In the News: Wingard CEO Russell Baker on inflation and staff retention

January 6, 2023

In early January, Wingard’s own CEO Russell Baker was interviewed by Jacksonville Business Journal Reporter Kaitlyn McCue to discuss all things inflation, staff retention and more, resulting in an article titled “CEO Insight: Russell Baker of Wingard on inflation, staff retention.”

The Q&A was published as part of the Business Journal’s series profiling CEOs across the First Coast about the issues they faced in 2022, and their outlook on what 2023 will bring.Read more about Baker’s insight and key takeaways below, and head to the Jacksonville Business Journal for the full story.

Biggest Challenges Faced by Wingard:

Employee retention amidst the Great Resignation has been a topic of conversation throughout 2022 and leading into 2023 – and while Wingard’s team is growing, it wouldn’t be smart for any organization to ignore the issue of employee retention overall. Finding ways to keep fantastic people engaged in a competitive marketplace will continue to be a topic of discussion throughout the year ahead.

2022 Learnings and Approach Toward the Future:

In order to stay ahead of the game, leaders must continually listen and have open dialogue with their employees. Staying engaged helps leaders make quick decisions and be proactive – rather than waiting until the end-of-year review process to improve policies and benefits.

Key Issues that Need to be Addressed in Jacksonville:

Baker’s answer is simple: affordable housing. This is an issue that is both local and global. In Jacksonville, Baker believes the city has unique opportunities to address our city’s challenges now, rather than risking the chance of it being too late down the road.

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