Case Study: Rebranding the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville

February 2, 2023

The Opportunity

As the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville approached its 50th year of service to the community, the organization recognized an opportunity to refresh its brand identity. Our creative team had the honor of working with the Cultural Council’s leadership to shine a new light on the organization and pivot it into the spotlight by building a brand that instills confidence and collaboration across sectors to ignite Jacksonville's creative economy.

The Realization

This rebrand focused on a core message: To expand the rally cry for More Art and More Culture to include Places, People, and Business, representing how the Cultural Council strengthens the artistic and economic sectors..In order to amplify the message, we focused the rebrand on four key areas:

  • The new logo features concentric “C” shapes, bringing the alliteration of the words “Cultural Council” to life while representing the ripple effect that the arts and culture have throughout the community.
  • The logo lockup incorporates the organization’s existing “More Art Culture” brand messaging, with flexibility to expand with specific examples of how more art and culture benefit the community — like engaging more people with the arts and culture sector, infusing beauty into more places through public art and attracting more business to Northeast Florida.
  • A refreshed color palette primarily uses purple, a color associated with creativity, enlightenment, imagination and inspiration; secondary colors in complementary shades of teal, green and blue reflect the spirit and natural beauty of Northeast Florida.
  • The typefaces used in the Cultural Council’s new brand are sleek and modern — emphasizing a bold new direction for the organization.


There’s no doubt that the visual identity for the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville radiates energy and elevates the message of More Art and More Culture for the greater community. Since its launch, the new logo has received positive feedback by artists, cultural organizations, and the business community.

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