Remote Ready, Part 4: Marketing in Uncharted Territory

May 8, 2020

This is the third post in a multi-part series outlining ways small businesses can more effectively plan and communicate online. Read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of our Remote Ready series.

You may have many questions in regards to your marketing while we are all dealing with the effects of the coronavirus outbreak. Should you advertise? Should you spend more or less than usual? Where’s the best place to advertise to get in front of your customers? – And probably several more, which will have an impact on your business and your employees. Each company will answer those questions differently for a variety of reasons, but partnering with an experienced marketing firm like Wingard can help produce reliable answers to those questions. We not only have the experience to help a business navigate the marketing landscape through these times, but we also have the software and relationships to help guide you in making the best possible decision for your marketing dollars.

Should you advertise now?  

If you are open with a product that is still in demand, the answer is yes. Consumers need to know you are open and have the capability to provide your goods or services in a safe, reliable way. Whether your competition is or isn’t advertising, you should still be visible to potential customers, so they know you are open and able to perform services or produce goods.

What is the right budget?  

Marketing budgets are different for each industry, business, product, etc. We still believe you should invest a percentage of your sales back into marketing for future business. Between our relationships and experience, we can ensure you are spending your budget not only wisely, but also effectively. Many advertising mediums are very cost affordable right now, and we can find those deals for you to make sure you are taking advantage of what advertising discounts are available.

Where should you be marketing?  

We have software and technology we use to show us trends for all audiences, especially highly defined audiences. A combination of software and our industry know-how allows us to identify where eyeballs have shifted and where potential customers are spending the majority of their time, as well as what mediums they are consuming. We make every effort to make sure your marketing dollars are in front of the correct audiences.  Making sure your marketing spend doesn’t miss during this unusual landscape is very important. At Wingard, we feel there are some very key steps each client needs to take to ensure their marketing dollars don’t fall flat. With our experience, relationships, and tools of the trade, we will make sure you can feel confident with your advertising investment.

Let’s turn your idea into realized potential.